Friday, 22 July 2016

Major's Fire Wise Presentation

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  1. Hi Major, I really loved your presentation about Fire wise and the firefighters coming to your school. I think that, that was a really amazing presentation because it had a lot of information about keeping safe especially when their is a fire. To improve I think that you need to read before you post one of the most important things about posting because I saw a lot of mistakes in your presentation. If you could read back onto your presentation and make those little changes then you would make your presentation sound a bit more interesting. As I was scrolling through all the slides the backgrounds were just so amazing but you just need to make sure that when you have a background you have to see if your writing is able to be seen. But apart from that your story is amazing. I really hope that the fire fighters come to our school we have only had the waka Ngatokimatawhaourua come to our school we were very honored and I think that you are too.
    Your Sincerly, Letisha.