Monday, 8 August 2016

Cheyenne's Term 3 Goals

Hi this Is my term 3 goals.

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  1. Hi Cheyenne
    Wow I really liked the way you displayed your work, and how you a striving to achieve your goals, I too have goals that I am striving to achieve. You can improve by adding more information about how you are going to achieve these goals and more information about how many goals you want for each lesson you are in, you can add more goals in like how you can improve in your sports, Kapahaka, Maths, Te Reo Maori and how you can add more information about your main three goals on your blog.I really enjoyed reading your goals for this term. I am Harmony from Tautoro School and I would like to see more post on your blog so that I can comment more. Thank you. Ka Pai Kotero.
    From Harmony