Monday, 8 August 2016

Freya's Term 3 Goals

These are my Term 3 Goals.

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  1. Hi Freya, I am Letisha from Tautoro School. I really liked reading your goals about what you want to achieve on. I think that you should set more goals for yourself to achieve so that you can be a successful learner. I think to make your Term 3 reading goals a bit better you need to check your spelling before you post or re read it.To improve I think that you should make your words a bit bigger so that we don't have to squint just to read your goals, another thing that I think that you need to improve on is your spelling mistakes. As I was reading through your goals I found a tiny mistake but if you could read it again and fix up that mistake that would be cool. I think that you have done an amazing job and you can achieve all your goals by the end of the term. YOU CAN DO IT.
    Your Sincerely, Letisha.